Sunday, 25 November 2012

That stuff I don't like (Hair Edition)


If you follow various people on YouTube you would have seen a post going around titled 'That stuff I don't like'  well I was reading one of my fav blogs, Yolanda did a hair version of the 'That stuff I don't like hair bloggers edition' check the post out HERE

Now when it comes to hair there is a few things that people do or DON'T do more importantly that really grind on me. Here it goes.

1. Smelly hair or weave - I do not want to smell what you ate for dinner yesterday! This I have experienced when people hug you or you walk past them and you think hmm I smell food oh it's your hair

2. People patting their weaves or braids - This is clearly an indication of DIRTY scalp so my suggestion is take whatever you have on OFF and wash your hair!

3. 'You have such nice hair is it yours? Me - Yes.. Them; No way let me touch' - why can't people just accept that the hair is mine, why is there a need to touch??

4. 'Your so lucky to have nice hair, mine doesn't grow' FALSE everyone's hair grows but the difference between you and I is I take good care of my strands. Invest the time and the strands will hang around.

5. Girls who wear the best clothes, face OK but your hair is a damn MESS!! - Re-evaluate your priorities and sort that hair first then wear that nice coat/trousers/skirt/bag etc

I am done!!!

Clearly those things really bug me out!! Do you have pet hates on this topic? If anyone wants to go ahead and do this post please feel welcome, you're all tagged. Make sure you visit Yolanda's blog

Luv M x
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